The film of your trip

Keep an unforgettable souvenir of your day !

Liberty-cycle furnishes an immersive Gopro camera for each of its tours. Shoot your trip and leave with unforgettable memories.


New in 2014!

Your guide will lead you with its immersive Gopro HD camera. Initially, set the camera on your helmet and use the connected remote Wi-Fi. Throughout the ride using the camera on your own and leave with videos and professional quality photos of the Dordogne. The variety of views and landscapes provide a multitude of possible shooting.


Prices to purchase the Gopro film of your ride

  Local Gatronomy Tour (3h) Local Gatronomy and History Tour (7h)
Price for the film 15 € 20 €

Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition (12 millions of pixels)
Loan for any necessary accessories: mounting, remote control, perch, extra battery.



To allow yourself to watch your film live on your Smartphone, it is necessary to download the Gopro App. To edit yourself your film it is advisable to use the Gopro Studio (explanations about how it is working in the tutorial included).